Sunny and Ray Check out Solar Gardens

Solar Garden Model

Solar Garden Model

While the Kids were working on Gerry’s Solar Panel raising party. Sunny and Ray decided that they were going to check out something called solar gardens.

They are a lot like a big vegetable garden that many people take care and they all get to take some food home. With a solar garden a community puts their resources and money together to put up panels that get energy from the sun.  The entire community gets the benefits of having solar energy and the excess energy gets sold back to the grid.

“Wow” Sunny said “Ray, do you realize that this means that even families that live in an apartment or have a home that is shaded by trees can use solar energy?” “I know” Ray said “with the whole community working together more families can use our energy. When people work together good things happen.”

Would you like to be a part of a solar garden community?


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