Solar Panels Capture More Energy

These solar panels work underwater

These solar panels work underwater

While the kids where working on their plans, the Electric World had a few plans of their own. Sunny and Ray knew that their energy was getting closer to being used more than ever. They knew that people had questions like what about cloudy days when the sun isn’t so bright? What about at night when we are on the other side of the Earth? “What will we tell them Sunny?” “The truth” said Sunny” is that with newer advances in solar panels the panels will eventually capture more of our energy. Keep working on improving solar panels. “
“Check out these websites for some examples:”


Underwater Solar Panels

Solar Panels that work at night.

Solar Panels Stick to the Side of A Building

Tron wondered how a sun ray would know about these sites, then he remembered that the Sun Rays were higher up than he was and they could see more. He would definitely pass the information onto his three new human friends.

Tron knew he and the other electrons would be very busy for a while. He knew that Ben and Gerry wanted to have solar panels and when more people like Ben’s family started selling the power from their homes, businesses and farms the lines were going to be really busy with electricity going to and from homes. “Whew” he was getting tired just thinking about it.

Write a short story about what you learned about solar panels.

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