Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Activities
Sunny, Ray, Shiny & Beamer

Sunny, Ray, Shiny & Beamer

“Aku and I have noticed the kids have been busy working on focusing solar energy. Since Earth Day is coming up why don’t we give them some fun activities?” Tron messaged? “We agree, fun is good” Shiny and Beamer announced. “ I agree, let’s send them some great activities.” Sunny smiled.

Here are some activities for Earth Day.
Here is an idea for Earth day. Pick a few items and think of as many ways as you can to reuse it. If you are a teacher use this activity for spelling, art and anything else you may need to motivate the class to do better.
At the end put some of the projects together for a fun activity. Some examples would be turning milk jugs into baskets. Flower pots into fountains.

Here is a coloring page for the little ones.
For the older kids we have the history of Earth day.

Check out this Earth Day video.

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