A Simple Solar Science Experiment Video

Tron the Electron

Tron the Electron

“Sunny, Ray and Tron work together but they have different jobs” Gerry explained. “The sun always shines so the sun rays are always shining somewhere. The problem is the earth turns so that we have darkness part of the time, so we need to store the energy that comes from the sun so we can use it when we are in the dark.” Ben and Amanda shrugged their shoulders and Gerry said “Check out the video (below). The flower doesn’t have energy storage or a battery. It uses solar energy to move, when the solar panel is blocked the flower gets no energy so it stops moving.
The flashlight is getting solar energy. Unlike the flower it has energy storage so it works whether or not the sun is giving it energy. “

“That sounds expensive said” Ben. “It is” Gerry said ” that is why we need to find a way to make it easier and less expensive to store energy.”

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